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We’ve Moved!

3 Mar

Come visit our new, improved website at!


These paths were made for walking

30 Jul

If only you could look out my living room window and see what I’m seeing: The work crew is digging the new walking path for the George Watts playground as I write, and it’s all I can do not to run outside and trot around on all those new rocks. They’ve got backhoes and everything.

Here’s what’s happening today:

Also, I want you to meet Jonah Roberts of Tributary, who’s doing the work. Check out what he says about the project (and try to ignore the sweet, babbling 5 yr old beside me):

Here’s what things looked like as of Thursday. I’ll post more images as the transformation continues…

Raking out the gravel

... and dumping more gravel.

NBC17: ‘Watts Garden Helps Students Succeed In Classroom’

18 May

I’m always happy to see media coverage of the garden, mostly because it shows what’s possible at any school with a little bit of seed money and a committed person or two.

What I like about this NBC17 segment is that students are puttering around doing different sorts of things outside. The point being, outdoor education encompasses a lot. I don’t love watching myself on TV, but for a good cause I can bear it.

Watts Garden Helps Students Succeed In Classroom

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